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SaaS Management just got Simple

The clean solution to managing SaaS chaos

Manage SaaS Sprawl
Automate SaaS Renewals
Improve the Employee Experience
Get 360° Visibility

The most advanced approach to SaaS Management, at no cost to you.

Productiv is the leading enterprise SaaS Management Platform providing comprehensive visibility, including advanced analytics and feature-level insights, into how their people are using and engaging with SaaS applications. Productiv Essentials is our completely free offering - no application limits, no user limits, and no time limits. Use it free forever - and eliminate the hard, manual work of wrangling the SaaS apps in your company.


How does Productiv work?

With just 10 minutes of setup, Productiv brings together the information scattered across all of your SaaS applications to give you a single point of control and management for everything.

Connect with Single Sign-On

Instantly get deep visibility - beyond who logs in to your most important applications.

Automate Renewal Calendars

Plugin key renewals and costs so that you can eliminate reactive, costly renewals. Leverage Productiv data to right-size renewals with no effort.

Discover Shadow IT

Connect your expense system - or upload data - and let Productiv sift through to find Shadow IT and unknown subscriptions

Sync with your org chart

Don’t just see licenses - sort them by user and team by connecting with your HRIS. Know exactly who is using what, and how they are using it!


Productiv Essentials key features

Think beyond the spreadsheet.

How many weekends did you spend trying to understand your SaaS portfolio?

Forget ever hunting down a SaaS app again. Instead, use Productiv to create a central system of record that allows your whole team to collaborate effectively on your application strategy. Do it at no cost, with just a few minutes to get started.


Saas Management Solutions

Ready to get Productiv? Compare no-cost Essentials with Enterprise.

Essentials Enterprise
FREE For Everyone
Real- time, 360º Visibility
Discover Shadow IT
Manage Renewals
Manage Spend
Advanced Insights
Basic Application Analytics
20,000+ Applications 20,000+ Applications
Advanced Engagement Analytics
1 video conferencing application of your choice Custom
Centralized Notifications
Usage Analytics by Team and Location
By team only
Compare Applications
License Recommendations Basic Advanced
Create License Policies
Reclaim Unused Licenses
Help Center
Support Ticketing
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Get Essentials Get Enterprise

Who uses Productiv?

If you select, manage, or procure SaaS apps, Productiv will make your life easier.

If you care how SaaS is impacting your company’s productivity, you’re going to want to use Productiv.

SaaS Management focuses on understanding the business value delivered by applications, including unlocking the productivity of the people in your company, rather than just tracking the number of licenses used. IT, Security, Finance, and Business leaders collaborate within Productiv to understand application adoption, increase company productivity, and reduce SaaS costs.


We are Trusted

Productiv is the leading enterprise SaaS Management Platform that provides the full picture on every facet of your SaaS portfolio. Productiv enables smarter renewal decisions, more intelligent license allocations, and stronger application adoption through automated workflows and deep analytics. Here’s what our customers are saying about Productiv.

Shobz Ahluwalia
“Productiv’s feature-level visibility into SaaS application engagement gives us a complete picture of how employees use applications to do their jobs, enabling our team to focus adoption efforts on the applications that drive maximum value. With Productiv, we now make much better decisions, and much more proactive decisions.”
Jim Fazzone
Head of IT
“Productiv gives us visibility into engagement patterns and specific features that are being used, as well as tools and features that are potentially underutilized. This has proven to be a huge helper for us in renewal conversations and licensing considerations.”
Mike Hamilton
Head of IT
“Productiv is easy to set up, intuitive and visual, and enterprise-grade. Before, it was almost impossible to get an accurate pulse on our software landscape and adoption, but now Productiv helps us drive adoption of our top apps through feature and team-level analytics, get visibility in to all apps so we limit to only apps that employees actually use, and automate repetitive tasks like license management.“
Paul Cheesbrough
CTO and President of Digital
“An important focus for the modern enterprise is ensuring people are brought together to easily collaborate. Beyond just selecting the best tool for each need, engagement data is required to understand and optimize how people are working together. Productiv is the first partner to provide us with real-time application engagement insights, so we can focus on unlocking enterprise value.“

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Everyone wants to get a handle on their sprawling set of SaaS applications. But how can you do it without lots of legwork and never-ending manual tracking?
It’s time to get beyond just tracking licenses in an out-of-date spreadsheet, and on to the strategic work of making your company more productive.

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