How Databricks Is Transforming SaaS Management

Thursday, June 4 at 11am PDT & 2pm EDT

Whether COVID-19 and the distribution of the workforce has forced you to think about SaaS management, or it’s something you’ve been thinking about for a long time, IT leaders have renewed urgency to evaluate their SaaS strategy. Specifically, you might be wondering:

  • How do I understand my evolving SaaS portfolio, in a world where the individual and team is empowered to purchase their own SaaS apps?

  • Am I getting value from my existing SaaS applications, and increasing this value over time?

  • Can I leverage data on actual usage to drive helpful budgeting and renewal conversations?

In this live online event,  Mike Hamilton, Head of IT at Databricks, will share how he has partnered with Productiv to:

  • Manage the IT stack during hyper growth

  • Drive financial prudence by rightsizing SaaS licenses, ensuring each user has the right licenses and eliminating redundant overlapping apps

  • Deeply understand actual usage of existing applications by team and by feature

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A conversation with Mike Hamilton, 
Head of IT at Databricks
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Productiv provides a SaaS management platform that tracks real-time usage of SaaS applications, helping companies to manage SaaS sprawl and reduce costs while improving employee engagement.